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Atelier /ˌætl̟ˈjeɪ, /

atelier gauthier is a studio-based practice with international experience promoting leading-edge contemporary design.

Our specialty is diversity and custom design is our forte.

We create architecture from the outside to the inside, in alliance with clear concepts, beauty of well-selected material, impeccable detailing and adroit craftsmanship.

We know how to bring to fruition client’s dream with the highest level of innovative design from building, interior, furniture, hardware, lighting fixtures, all in one place: our atelier-studio.

We understand the value of designing to budget constraints and delivering a unique product.

Clarity and simplicity are our tenets. These are the driving forces of our approach… a belief in this universal truth.

Whatever the size of a project, the same passion in our creative process and the same meticulous control are applied, testing the veracity of an idea-driven solution and its implementation. From innovation to implementation, details are crafting its vision.

Diversity is our specialty: the multi-disciplinary expertise of our cross-studio enterprise enables us to project a refreshing vision, an eclectic approach supporting our client, thus bringing a product, a space, to fruition among a world in perpetual evolution.  In this regard, we are driven by the nostalgia of the future.